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Dragon Dynasty Free Slots

Discover the power of an ancient Dragon and dragons Dynasty. This slot machine comes with its own Asian theme and it's filled with a number of lucky and exotic symbols which pay tribute to ancient traditions within China.

A large number of traditions within China have to do with what as well as symbols of luck, in Dragon Dynasty you can match together some of the symbols and try to find luck on your own.

This game which is been mobile optimized, transports players to far East Asia with the chance to match together a series of symbols in an authentic Chinese environment. Players will be matching together ancient symbols of luck with a soundtrack that sounds very traditional.

Most of the symbols in the game include bamboo fans, Chinese lanterns, fireworks, lotus flowers, the wild cards and a series of cultural icons and trinkets.

The card face symbols in the game have also been re-created using Chinese calligraphy for a completely unique style.

Dragon Dynasty

Game Features

This game is one of the few from Nektan that features an auto spins feature. Players can set up their stake and their lines and then set the number of spins that they would like to consecutively take using auto spin.

With the auto spins feature added on players to arrange up to 100 spins to take place with pauses only for the bonus and winning values to be displayed on screen. This is the quickest way you can play this game.

There are 15 pay lines in the game and you can bet as little as .01 coins on each of these lines. The 500 times jackpot is the top in the game and is rewarded for matching five the Dragon's Dynasty icons.

There's a 450 times line bet for uncovering five of the fans, a 400 times bet for five of the firework symbols, 350 times bet for five of the lotus flowers and a 300 times bet for five of the lanterns.

Playing card values on the board range from 200 times down to 100 times and even though these are fairly low payouts they can continue to stack on the reels.