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Big 5 Safari Free Slots

Big 5 Safari gives you the perfect chance to discover a wide range of creatures that are commonly found on the African savanna.

This Safari game that is produced by Nektan lets you take the wheel and a safari jeep and make your way through finding some of the big five big-game animals that can be found across the savanna.

You will be hunting animals like the elephant, lion, Buffalo, Leopard as well as the elusive rhino.

Each one of these animals has been considered as the big five because they are some of the most difficult creatures to hunt in the world. You can play the role of a hunter and see if you can bag one of these incredible beasts over the course of your Safari.

In this game players will be batching together zebras, gazelles, pith helmets, jeeps and some of the big five animals.

Big 5 Safari

Game Features

Overall big five Safari plays very similarly to a classic style slot machine. It has some eye-catching visuals and it is a five reel video slot machine. Players start every game by deciding the size of their bet.

Placing their bet in the stake and lines feature will ensure that they can set their wager limits properly. Clicking the spin button will allow you to match together some of the top symbols on the board.

Some of the big symbols that you can match together include the chance to match 4-5 wild letters which will deliver up to a 150 times multiplier. The leopards in the game are some of the most valuable and they can deliver up to eight 2000 times multiplier. The Buffalo, elephant, lion and rhino all had their own multipliers too.

The gazelles sticky wildcard is also one that is worth noting. This is a wild card that can stick on the board and work with any other symbol to improve winning results.

There is a bonus game that allows you to match together three or more bonus symbols that will improve your stake in the game as well. The free spins icon is a compass image and it can help you to spin the board completely for free through the reels.